1. What your favorite drawing tools?
I work in a variety of tools - markers, watercolor, ink, pastels, gouache, graphite - though I enjoy mostly ink and watercolor.
My favorite drawing tools are Letraset products (Tria and Pro markers - www.letraset.com) and I like Italian watercolors like Maimeri (www.maimeri.it/). Regarding to colored inks, I only use the ones by Winsor and Newton (www.winsornewton.com/).
I recently started using pastels and colored pencils more than in the past and I daily receive inquiries about that. I mainly use Faber-Castell (www.faber-castell.com/) soft pastels and colored pencils, few art pencils produced by Lyra (www.lyra.de/) and Derwent (www.pencils.co.uk/). 

2. What is your preferred paper?
My favorite paper is Fabriano www.fabriano.com/p/en/. I can easily find it in local art-stores and I can buy it in large individual sheets or drawing pads, smooth or rough, heavyweight or lightweight, white or creamy, depending if I'm working on a piece mainly done in watercolors or pastels.
For small illustrations and paper dolls, I mainly use satin, 100% cotton, hot pressed paper, while I prefer grain fin, cold pressed paper when I work on larger images.
I sometimes use also Winsor and Newton watercolour paper,  300GSM, acid free, cold pressed.

I always carry a small Moleskine www.moleskine.com/us/ and a pen with me wherever I go. My ideas come from everywhere and the best ones often come when I'm not sitting in front of my computer :)
3. What kind of brushes do you use more often?
I mainly use synthetic brushes like Soft Aqua series by Raphael that actually produce some fantastic natural imitation brushes! I also have few natural ones that I bought in Beijing during a trip in China. They are actually supposed to be calligraphy brushes but they work very well with watercolor too!

4.  What kind of pens do you use for your illustrations?
I use several nib/dip pens, bought all around Italy and Europe. If you are not familiar with them, here a useful link. About inks, my favourite are the ones by Winsor and Newton.

5. Where do you create?
I work at my home, I live in a tiny apartment (that I love so much) but there really is not much room for a studio of sorts. So, I've turned a quarter of my living space into my small workspace. I daydream about the day I'll have a large space that I can really make my own...but this small, loved 'studio' is perfect for now and it's all to myself :)
6. Who/what inspires you?
So many things inspire me! Like children's books, tiny things, old photos and paintings. Anyway, my main inspirations come from nature and traveling and often I return to certain ideas again and again. As you probably have noticed :)
7. Do you take commissions?
Please, kindly note that due to demand + the amount of attention and time required to work on custom orders/illustrations, availability is extremely limited.
More information about how the commissions work, can be found there. As soon as you're ready to commission me a piece and talk about details + pricing, you can contact me using the form below.
I promise to make my very best effort to accommodate your needs and I'll get back to you every time.
8. Do you take tattoo commissions?
Yes, I do. Please refer to the 'Commissions' page for more info.
9. Do you sell originals, prints?
Yes, I do. Originals, prints and merchandise can only be bought on my Etsy store at: www.etsy.com/shop/girlwithflaxenhair
Contact me if you're interested in buying an original and you don't see it listed on Etsy. Most of my original work is sold but maybe the illustration you like is still available.
10. Do you create video-tutorials?
Actually no, I don't. But I recently opened an Instagram account and I will probably upload few videos there. Just for fun :)
11. Are you on Twitter/Facebook?
No, I'm not.
I was used to run a personal profile and a public fan-page on Facebook but I deleted both. Not *social* enough for that kind of sites, probably :)
Anyway, I have two amazing photo-galleries on Tumblr and Flickr, and a few amazing art sites! To visit them, just follow the icon/links in the left sidebar.
And for any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!
12. Instagram?
I've recently signed up for a Instagram account. You can follow me there:


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