New domain and new website!

I have a new domain and and a new site! I'm going to say 'bye bye' to domain - I registered it almost 14 years ago, pheeew!

After thinking it over for weeks :), I decided to finally worked on a new website, easier to update, an updated gallery (currently hosted at but I will soon move a selection of my best work to the new site) and with more content! Hope you find this site easier to navigate.

The new domain name is : It's the name under which I registered my Flickr gallery and Etsy shop and it's finally became my brand new name. It's not probably the perfect name, you know, too long, probably not easy to remember it but...I love it (the name is actually based on a Debussy's piano work title) and for some reasons it's related to me and my work better than other names I could have choosen.

Thank you so much for all your love and support during the past years!
I will keep the hard work as usual, so please, stay tunet for new info and updates! 


  1. Astro Boy! Don't know much about Astro Boy manga or movie but I love the game concept and still playing Omega Factor sometimes... Besides, your new domain name sounds much prettier^^