'Cosmos' exhibition at Light Grey Lab

Good morning! I can finally show you the WIP shots and the final illustration I painted few months ago for the 'Cosmos' Exhibition at Light Grey Lab.
The project is about constellations and mythology. Mine was 'Apus'.
Apus was created in the late 16th century and it represents a bird of paradise. There are no myths associated with this constellation but an interesting story about how it was originally named and the fact that the name Apus means ' without-feet' since in 16/17th century Western people believed bird of paradise had no feet. In the past, the Chinese knew the stars of Apus as the "Little Wonder Bird" and probably the Western astronomers took their ideas for the formation of Apus from them. My illustration combines all this elements: a wonderful and fabled bird from the 16th century that was a time of great exploration and unprecedented change.

'Apus' - A3 size - Ink and watercolor on paper. Original is available, pls contact me if interested :)

WIP shots.

The Exhibition is also associated with a Tarot Deck project. The deck is $35, and comes with two decks: a 78 card gilded edge / gold foil constellation tarot deck, a 22 card gilded edge / gold foil oracle deck featuring the astral bodies and planets, and a 150 page book with comprehensive information about each subject, instructions on 8 cosmic spreads, information on the four elements, the zodiac, and much more. It comes in a gilded rigid board box (10.5 x 5.5 x 1.25").

You can buy it there:

Here is the link for the COSMOS page on the light grey website including contributing artists links / info about the project in whole. 


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