Customize a Blythe Doll!

I need to confess it to you: I've become a fan of Blythe Dolls! It's a new passion of mine but I can't stop browsing through the Blythe customizers galleries on Flickr! And, as soon as I've fallen in love with some of these custom dolls I feel like I should have one of them for my own collection!
Unfortunately, many of them are a bit too expensive to buy at that moment - I'm buying one of Ana Salvador's dolls extra money for new purchases! - but since I'm a girl who rarely loses heart and I strongly want a custom Blythe doll :) I've decided to make mine own super cute Blythe! There're so many incredible videos on how to custom a doll that I've thought I could try doing it myself too. 
So, few days ago I bought a nude, simple Blythe doll with new Pure Neemo body and I started working on her...she's still in progress but I can show you a few 'behind the scenes' photos!

Anyway, I've already chosen her name: Sophia...of course inspired from 'Howl's Moving Castle'! :) What's an obvious choice, isn't it?


Ready for a new make-up!

Working on a new body - those super size boobs are horrible :D

Sanding and carving!

New face!

She's still in progress! I'm waiting for the new eye chips! And, I want to paint her body with gorgeous tattoos!
Stay tuned for more photos!


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