Articulated Paper Dolls available for adoption!

I made new hand-painted, OOAK paper dolls. The dolls are all hand drawn and painted in watercolors, inks and colored pencils on fine, acid free, hot press, 140lb watercolor paper.
Lovingly hand cut out and completely assembled with 4 or more mini metal brads.

Lady Georgiana and the Faery Ball #03.
Lady Georgiana paper doll - the first on the left - is based on Lady Georgiana Spencer, Duchess of Devonshire while the dress is inspired by the costume that Keira Knightley wears starring Lady Georgiana in 'The Duchess' movie.

I'm making a series of Faery Ball little dancers! 
Here The Faery Ball # 02 and #03!

Emma is a sort of 'experiment' I made! I mean, combining paper dolls with my passion for sewing! She will arrive with a light pink scarf,  hand sewed and embellished with white beads.