New work in progress and an animation movie you must see!

I spent the last days working on a series of commissioned illustrations for books and several art projects. I can't show them yet...well, not all of them, actually.
These are two paintings I started for a Tarot Deck project - it's a collective project involving many artists from all around the world, my card is the Queen of Cups!

So, here's what happened. I had almost finished the paintings when I realized I hate both! Honestly! So I started a new Queen of Cups illustration - that I can't show you! - but I can just say it's totally different from these :)
Anyway, I cut the second image and made an ACEO card now on sale on Etsy :D I don't waste anything!

The first Queen on Cups.

And the second one!

Now, it became an ACEO card :D

I painted like mad and I lived as a recluse during the past few days :). Luckily, weather was so bad I could just stay at home and draw! Anyway, I spent the nights - I can't actually work at night! - watching some nice animation movies - no, no Disney stuff, please!

And I strongly recommend you this fantastic movie:
Song of the Sea (2014). Tomm Moore.

It's so magical and touching and fantastic! The settings, and the 'artwork' in general - are so breathtaking that sometimes they distract you from the story they’re meant to support - I tend to distract myself a lot when saying something so visually beautiful! - but I think that's is not a weak point, it's absolutely not. You can see the 'hand' behind the art and - please forgive me fellow digital artists, I see more passion in works like this than in any 3D computer generated animation!
Ok, and that said, you can now delete me from your friends list :)


  1. To cut such a pic. Oh my. Other than that I am eagerly awaiting to be watching "Song of the sea"! Secret of kells was already so magic!
    What I wanted to ask, I think you once mentioned that you are having a job. How many hours are you working? You do so many pics and I am really struggling to get job and art in one boat.

  2. I have a full time office job :) But, I'm very fast at sketching new drawings and I usually work on several images simultaneously seems that I paint a lot but actually I can finish just one whole image in a week :(

  3. Thank you for the answer. You`re unbelievable. I work fulltime and am often too exhausted to do much,

  4. Song of the Sea is an absolutely gorgeous film! I highly recommend The Secret of Kells, also done by the same animation studio. :)