New site!

I revamped and my blog!

As you probably have noticed - if you sometimes visit my blog at Blogger - both my website/blog have experienced a complete transformation! I updated the site layout, and add my own domain...well, to be honest if you try to visit you are now redirected to my blog but I need to fix some things yet...cnames....argh! - technical suggestions are very much appreciated! Blogger Help Faqs aren't that intelligible :) - I suck at coding! -

Anyway, you can now leave a comment not just on my blog entries but also on my main gallery and illustrations! It is also easier to send me a personal message by using the contact form below.
I'm happy to receive feedback, if any :)

PS: for the few ones following my personal profile on Facebook, well, the profile is now deactivated. I just realized that - as an illustrator - I must focus myself on my personal website and ART sites more than social networks. Facebook is just so much 'not consistent' :)

Your comments and messages are always appreciated so, feel free to follow my new blog/site or my art galleries - links are in the right sidebar.

Thank you!

On  the other hand, I added new Paper Dolls to my shop!


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