My studio!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm quite busy with some new amazing art projects - info soon, I promise it! - as an apology here few photos I took of my studio! I know you all are very curious to see it!
Enjoy it!

On the wall, an original watercolor piece by Liselotte Eriksson, one of my favorite artist ever!

Two super lovely art dolls by Nika and a super cute little flame monster by Jezabel Nekranea!

And one of my Myling dolls! She is adorable, isn't she?

Art doll by Evangelione and a wonderfully cute Kirin by Magweno! You see, I'm obsessed with OOAK art dolls!



  1. Lovely to see! As well as Liselotte`s picture. I love hers as well. Well and yours!

  2. Always interesting to see where someone works. And it is sure far from a mess like most artists. It's like you may have just moved back into the room you grew up in.