Today I'm so excited to release my handmade clay dolls! It took forever to finish this first series, but they're finally here. I hope that you enjoy them! If you follow me on Flickr, you can probably know a little bit about the project: these little people have been a work in progress since the last year and meantime I posted few photos of them on Flickr.

I'm fascinated by clay and ceramics.... probably because I find it quite difficult to work with. Or just because I love any artistic process that requires your hands to be done, and that you get dirty and uber-happy while you do it. On other hand, this is also the reason I can't never create digital art. When I started posting my illustrations online - years ago - I remember a lot of people asked me why I didn't do my images digitally. My style is anime-ish and as you probably know all anime/manga are done digitally.... LOL! But well, as I love working in clay, I love painting using a real brush, and I love messing around with papers and colors. And paper smell so good! Not your PC!
Anyhow, I digress.
Clay, along with drawing it's a very fundamental mean of making art, I had to try it sooner or later. I should add that I've also started taking ceramic classes recently but...I'll tell you more about it in a next post!
I'm a collector of small things found and made and I love making up stories and characters and making things of course! So, when I started playing with clay, it was so natural making tiny art-dolls. At the first time, I just made them as presents for friends and relatives. I was used to sew by hand all the dresses and their small accessorizes until a couple of years ago my mum presented me with a sewing-machine. I remember I spent a whole week just sewing and sewing!

One of my first hand-made dolls.

LUV my sewing-machine!

Work in progress!

The dolls are made entirely by hand, sculpted from air-dry clay, painted with acrylics and pastels, sealed with protective varnish. I used recycled materials and fabrics for their dresses.
I don't want my dolls look like if they are machine-made, they’re one of a kind, hand-painted art pieces made of clay. The 'primitive' look is done on purpose.
More than art-dolls, they're a sort of lucky-charm! Storytelling creatures for people who love daydreaming or are in need of a little star to light up their days.
To adopt one or more than one, just visit my Etsy shop :)


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