The Sad Princess!

As you know, I've recently started working with soft pastels and colored pencils. This is a totally new way to color my pieces and I'm still learning a lot about how to use pastels in the best way. So, testing and practicing it's all I can do now :) But, I'm pretty satisfied with this new illustration of mine. I worked on it for almost a whole month - and it's such a small piece! Being a perfectionist doesn't help when you are learning something new! I never feel satisfied with almost all the things I do! Argh!
But, after all, I can finally say I love my Sad Princess <3>

Below, some wip shots!

She is for sale on Etsy!
(I love this picture, the sunlight is pretty nice in it!)


  1. This had good 3d effect with shadows of hand and neck softer than ones I've seen, so far.