Facebook fan-page unpublished and...deleted quite soon!

Hi all!
It's official, the Facebook fan-page's content is now in 'unpublished mode' and the page will be closed in about 14 days - Facebook doesn't allow you to permanently delete your pages when you want, you have to wait for 14 days until the whole thing is done. Don't ask me why!
If you're wondering about why I took this decision, here what I posted on the page's timeline few days ago:
First off, I should thank you all for the support and the friendship during the past two years, thank you! You're fantastic, really!

Then... an announcement! I'm going to DEACTIVATE and DELETE this page in a couple of days.

In 2014 I will be busy working on some new art projects and since I want to focus on my art the more than I can, I'm only able to run a few online galleries so...I'm considering deactivating the Facebook fan-page.
But, no panic!
You can always follow me on Tumblr, Blogger, Flick and Deviantart!
Those galleries are public, you can leave comments and there's no limit in friends/followers number (you know, I've created the fan-page when I reached the limit of friends on my personal facebook profile ).

So, see you there!


My personal profile is still active but...since it's private I'm accepting new friends requests on a very limited basis though many of the art posts will be public. 
Thank you and see you soon with some art news!


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