Some WIP shots :)

WIP shots of my piece for 'L'Innamorato' art-show at PottersWife Gallery.

'You wouldn't forget me while I'm gone'

Soft pastels, colored pencil, white gouache
Art dimensions 11" x 14"
Framed dimensions 16" x 20"

For sale:

Some info about this piece.

My illustration for L'innamorato exhibition is inspired by Japanese anime and my obsession for very detailed and intricate decorations. The piece offers two possible keys to interpretation. First, a young woman is waiting for her ‘innamorato’ – lover - to come back from a war. She holds his letters and carries memories and objects around like souvenirs. I love Studio Ghibli’s stunning animated movies and I drew inspiration from the planes of the Second World War and the setting of ‘Porco Rosso’ - Kurenai no buta – anime, that is quite notably looking at the background of my piece. As illustrator I am a storyteller and I want my illustration work tells stories to engage viewers. When I sketch a new image, I often imagine that I'm making a movie: the illustrations are the scenes I pick to tell the story visually.

Second, the objects the young woman holds are metaphorically related to inspiration, experience and memories and what encourages her to be an artist. War represents chaos and destruction, art represents love and creation.


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