Just posted this on my deviantART gallery :)

1. What your favorite drawing tools?
I work in a variety of tools - markers, watercolor, ink, pastels, gouache, graphite - though I enjoy mostly markers and watercolors.
My favorite drawing tools are Letraset products (Tria and Pro markers) and I like Italian watercolors like Maimeri. Foreign materials - I mean, not European - are usually quite expensive and I hate expensive art tools or paper! They don't give me any chance to experiment since I'm always afraid I can ruin them :)

2. What is your preferred paper?
My favorite paper is Fabriano. I can easily find it in local art-stores and I can buy it in large individual sheets or drawing pads, smooth or rough, heavyweight or lightweight, white or creamy, depending if I'm working on a piece mainly done in watercolors or markers. I have some Moleskine notebooks too, the watercolors ones are the best to me!

3. Do you take commissions?
I currently accept commissions on a very limited basis, I'm quite busy working on my first graphic novel for Editions du Riez, a French editor. However, if I was asked to draw something I find very, very interesting I would probably accept it! Commissions are always a challenge and it's great when you can push yourself in new directions!
Don't hesitate to contact me for info, prices, etc, etc

4. Do you sell originals, prints?
Yes, I do. Originals, prints and merchandise can only be bought on my Etsy store at: www.etsy.com/shop/nati
Contact me if you're interested in buying an original and you don't see it listed on Etsy. Most of my original work is sold but maybe the illustration you like is still available.

5. Tutorials?
No time to write a tutorial but I often post Work in Progress shots on my fan-page or on my Flickr gallery :)

Thank you!


  1. Thanks for sharing this!!! I actually worked in markers many years back and switched over to colored pencil, but recently I decided to do a totally different body or work. I'll be doing them in mainly marker, some watercolors, and colored pencil. I was wondering what kind of paper to use. Thanks for the advice. I'll try to order some of that paper.