Ops, an update :)

So, it's been a while since I've updated my blog! Social Networks capture my attention more than my blog, in these days :) Anyway, here I am, having some very interesting news, new art and updates!
Let's start with 'Poisoned Apples' art show! Opening was yesterday, June 9th, and if you're in Detroit MI area, you can see - and buy it :) - my 'Lost in the Woods' illustration!

I recently completed a series of commissioned Art-Cards based on 'Something Strange and Deadly', an upcoming Steampunk novel by Susan Dennard - Harper Teens, US. You can have a look at sketches and WIPs there!

I also updated nati-art.com after so long! Please, visit it to find news about events, interviews, etc, etc.
And, last but not the least, some of the new items you can find on my shop! Added a bunch of new art-prints and home-made decorations!

You know, it's always a pleasure when someone features your work on his/her personal blog! A special thanks to Sonia for this beautiful post!
And, if you featured me and my work on your blog or you're thinking to do that just let me know! I'm happy to link back to your site :)


  1. Thank you for mentioning my post :) I love your latest works!

  2. Lost in the Woods is so gorgeous and your artcards look great. Fingers crossed you'll eventually sell a print of Lost - it really does look amazing :)

  3. @ Sonia.
    You're welcome and thank you again for featuring my work on your blog!
    @ Audley.
    Thank you! Well, if I could sell the original of Lost in the Woods at the show, I maybe make some prints then...we'll see :)