New finished art and new features...

If you're following me on Facebook or Flickr you already have noticed I posted many new images recently. I also updated my website, event though I probably will change the image layout as soon as possible - I'm currently working on a new watercolored image for it! Anyway, I'd like to give you some extra information about the latest illustrations, I know people are usually quite curious about the process of making a new image.
Let's start with 'Like a Fairy tale...' or 'In a Forest pitch Dark' - you see, I have two titles for the same image ^_^ Ok, the second one is actually taken from a song by, this is not my own work ^_^

This image is strongly based on another one I did almost a year ago. You can read about it there. I liked so much the crown that I thought to draw again it! Though, this time I didn't draw a fanart, but a character of mine, another fairytale inspired maiden...I'm quite obsessive with old folktales, you see ^_^ This time, I wanted to focus more on the dichotomy between light and dark. There's not any religious or deep meaning in this, it's just an artistic/aesthetic choice. And I hope you'll like the illustration!

And a little bit about 'Flora', too. I have a weakness for European natural history paintings and their subjects. I love drawing nature. I suppose this was the main reason for why I decide to draw fairy subjects, years ago. Anyway, I drew 'Flora' for a charity project. I will give you more information on this soon!

Finally, on August 3rd I got a new Daily Deviation on deviantart and 'Floating on a Sweet Lullaby' was Daily Art of the Day on EBSQ main site. It was a very nice surprise...especially because I realized about the DD only three days after I got it ^_^ Ah, busy times!


  1. Wow, love the new blog header!
    and I also love bjork!
    Congratulations on the DD and feature =D