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  1. too bad i am so broke, i would buy all of them ^^

  2. Bonsoir ma belle!
    I have worked a lot on our projects - plus something new - I should email you tons of stuff! As soon as I get back my scanner...sigh...if you'll like the images/sketches/anything ^_^ we can email all to Oscar and Alexis then ^_^
    Sorry for being the worst pen-pal on Planet Earth surface!!!!

  3. Hi Nati. Love your work and I check your blog almost every day. Flora is my new favorite! Its amazing. Anyway, I paint... well mostly draw, myself and I just wonder one silly thing; do you ever trash picures you dont like or do you continue working on them even if you end up hating them? Or do you just love all things you paint :-D? (You should though.)

  4. Hi and thank you for your comment and question! Well, I should say I'm very critical of my work. I'm a perfectionist and that means I usually start hating my illustrations and finding many technical mistakes on them as soon as I finish them! In the past I was used to trash a lot of disliked images! Now, I'm trying to be more positive and I store even the ones I don't like ^_^