A Pin-Up drawing

I'm not too much a fan of Pin-Up genre but, since I have been invited to participate in a new art-book - and the main theme is obviously, Pin-Ups! - I tried to sketch something. Honestly, if I can make a choice, I prefer doing illustrations that tell a story but well ... below my first sketch!

It's strongly based on 'Burlesque', an illustration I did in 2005. I like it, I probably could suggest to use this one for the book, instead of doing something new ^_^
What's your opinion about?


  1. Great work!
    O detto in italiano, gran bei lavori, complimenti, sei veramente molto brava.

  2. Ciao Nati, scusa se ti sono arrivate 14 versioni di questo commento da approvare. Explorer mi sta giocando dei brutti scherzi...Quanto alle due versioni, secondo me la nuova e' piu' matura e sensuale, quindi forse piu' nello spirito delle pinup. Just my two cents: trovo entrambe comunque molto belle. ;)

  3. @ Isaac. I'm working on a couple of new illustrations for the book, I'll email you some previews, soon!