HP fanart and a new fairy tale princess!

Ok, it's time to update the blog and post some new art! Let's start with my latest illustration - done for fun, in my spare time. It's a new fairytale princess even though I have not found a name for her or a suitable fairytale yet...anyway, here she is!

Oriental Splendor - markers, pastels and gouache. I used a lot of metallic gold gouache for her jewelry, unfortunately my scanner hates anything shining! I should take a photo of this piece! It looks much more better 'in real life'!

I posted this few days ago, it was my last deviation before I put my dA gallery on hiatus! And well, the first fan-art and, more important, the first HP fan-art I've ever done and posted on deviantArt! I can't wait for the movie!

Harry Potter Fanart - markers, colored pencils, gouache.


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