Art photos and art trades

As mentioned in a previous post, in May I did an art trade with the talented Lara Dann. She mailed me her painting a month ago, but I could only see it - and took a photo of this marvelous acrylics on wood piece - few days ago when I come back hometown for a few days.
And, here it is! Thank you so much, Lara!

And, probably you remember of the illustration I did for the art trade. It was 'Sea Maiden'. After much search I could also find a wonderful frame to use - actually the original size of this image is not the standard one so, it wasn't easy to find it! And well, when I was framing the image I was so clumsy to damage it a little bit...well, that is all about me, I mean, I'm all thumbs sometimes!

I couldn't ship the old illustration so I finally decided to do another, new one. Same theme and feeling, as you can see ... just a little bit different. So, now the question is, which one do you prefer? Anyway, I mailed Lara the second one!


  1. The second one is my favourite. But they're both great!
    Also, Lara's painting is so beautiful! It must be great to receive such a piece and I'm sure she'll love what you sent her!

  2. I love the new one best (i love stripes on clothes ^^), but they're both perfect as well as the painting you received.

    I like the new eyes you make in your recent illustrations, they have half-sleepy eyes... as if they are on opium or semi-dead/semi-alive... dreamy eyes

  3. I am so thrilled Natalie!! They are both spectacular pieces, I am happy to receive either one. There's something particularly adoring about the second one, with it's little unicorn skully. Thank you!

  4. Wow! Lara's painting is absolutely gorgeous! I hadn't seen her work before. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. This is a bit different than your original style. And also nice.