New Art

A new post after weeks! Woah ^_^ Well, I didn't have so much time for updating the blog or browsing my online galleries, recently. Sorry, I hope to post more art in the next few days! Ok, meantime, let's start with a a character design from one of my countless comic book projects! started few months ago, abandoned, and resumed. As usual, so many ideas, so few time!

Few days ago, I completed my art trade with the super-talented painter, Lara Dann!
She asked for a Victorian maiden, something like 'Several Shades of Sunset'. I drew something quite different, a girl from the seems I like painting water, recently! And of course, I added a skull ^_^

Soon with new sketches, news and...well, surprises!


  1. like it ;)

    xoxo C.

  2. They are amazing! I like the second one, I think the skull adds to the characterisation of the girl :) Lovely work. x



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