Away in the Woods Originals

Ok, I posted this two days ago but actually it seems my post vanished into the air - I'm trying to understand why, stupid Blogger - so I'm reposting it again!

The illustrations I did for Away in the Woods exhibition at Bear and Bird gallery are finally available online for sale! You can buy them by clicking on the links below:

The Juniper Tree: link
Rapunzel: link
Mother Hulda: link
Snow White and Rose Red: link

I also updated my Etsy shop, you can find new mini-prints, ACEOs, post-cards, original illustrations, etc, etc.


  1. love your artwork and style! I've currently ventured into the world of digital art. I'm doing a blog of my trials and tribulations so please take a look if you get the time. I welcome any comments and have a hints and tips page for beginers if you have any advice :)

  2. Hi! Yeah blogger had a hick-up or two last week . Your works awesome.