Sketches and new projects!

Hello everybody!

After vaguely mentioning it in a couple of my previous posts, I can finally tell you a little bit more about one of the big projects that will keep me busy during the next months. It's a fantastic story for children written by my friend Estelle and it will be published by Norma Editorial in 2012.
Below, one of the sketches I drew when me and Estelle tried to submit the project to publishers. You can see Mina - the main character of the story - with her little friends. I'm uber-happy about this illustrated book, one of my not-so-secret dreams has always been to work on a book for children! Finally, the dream comes true!

The sketch for a new art-trade I'm doing with the amazing Lara Dann! She asked for one of my Victorian ladies and, here the Sea Mermaid!

A sketch for a new steampunk illustration. It will something like my latest 'AURA'.

And, last but not least the sketch of my entry for the third Gothology art-book. And yes, it's another portrait of the Little Mermaid! the way, I'll update soon my Etsy shop with some new merchandise and original illustrations. Stay tuned for news!


  1. beautiful! can't wait to see them in colours :)

  2. Quel beau projet ! Estelle à la plume et toi aux pinceaux ... que du bonheur !!!

  3. Ah! Those sketches look amazing! I look forward to your book!

  4. Brilliant news, Nati! Very pleased for you!! ^_^

  5. Oh my goodness Natalia! I'm so thrilled for you! And by the look of the illustration so far, I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished children's story! Good luck my dear <3