Sneak peeks and news!

It has been a shocking week in the world to say the least and I didn't feel like posting my usual silly entries and I was often offline on social networks - well, that's like me, I'm not a social networks obsessed! Anyway, sorry, sometimes we need a stop and take the time to reflect on what is going on around us.

I have some very, very exciting news about books and shows to come and I promise a detailed post as soon as all the bureaucratic things will be arranged. I can hardly wait to tell you anything ^_^
To entertain you meantime I'm posting some oil paintings - in progress - I've been working on recently.
This is my first attempt to do a 'realistic' portrait ! If you're following me on Facebook, you already know about this painting. I probably change the background and the girl's face isn't finished yet. I used a photo as reference.

This is a small painting I did for a friend. I love robins!

Below, the WIP of a small painting I would have liked to submit to the April show at Bear and Bird gallery. Theme of the show is the Brothers Grimm's popular folktales and this piece is based on the 'Juniper Tree' story. I had to stop painting it since meantime I have been contacted for some new projects - shows and books - and I couldn't paint it in time for the show. Oil paintings require so much time to be done that I decided to drew a new Juniper Tree illustration in markers and inks. Anyway, when I'll find the time, I'd like to complete this!

A painted wooden box. Soon available for purchase on my online shop!

And, since I mentioned the show, here some sneak peeks of the latest images done.



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