A small handful of inspiring things

'Where does your inspiration come from?'

It's probably one of the most frequent questions I get. I can't give you an answer. I'm a very suggestible person, I mean, I get my inspiration virtually everywhere! I’m inspired by traveling overseas even though I can't always be traveling. I'm inspired by the talent around me, seeing what other artists are doing makes me want to be better and come up with new ideas! I find inspiration in music, nature, movies, comic books, whatever!
So, to make things easier to understand, I'm starting a new section of my journal 'A small handful of inspiring things'. I'll post regularly photos taken using my camera or my smartphone of things I like, places I've visited, objects, etc, etc. I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll find these photos inspirational as they're for me!

Villa Borghese, Rome.


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