Princess in Disguise. Step by step...

"Before I consent to your wish I shall require three things- a dress as golden as the sun, another as silvery as the moon, and a third as glittering as the stars; and besides this, I shall require a mantle made of a thousand skins of rough fur sewn together, and every animal in the kingdom must give a piece of his skin toward it."

Based on Brothers Grimm's Princess in Disguise Fairytale. A new commissioned image. Of course I was super-happy to work on this, you know how much I like folktales and how much I find them inspiring! And, I soon have another chance to work on Brothers Grimm popular tales since in April I'll be involved in a new Group Show at Bear and Bird Gallery and guess...the main theme of the show is Grimm's folktales ^_^
Below, some 'work in progress' pics for my Princess in Disguise. I hope you can find them useful...I suck at writing tutorials have to content yourselves with those photos ^_^

Basic colors added.

Adding the basic 'shadows'.

Working on girl's dress.

Adding details.

Size: 24x33cm
Technique: markers, soft pastels, colored pencils, white acrylic on paper.


  1. bellissimo questo working progress... il tuo modo di usare i pennarelli è straordinario. Complimenti nati :)

  2. That's very very nice and etheral =3
    (your blog new layout is beautiful too ^^b)

  3. @ Sab and Karmypu. Thank you ^_^

    @Luo. Thank you, I've to work a little bit more on the new blog layout - I'd like to make a special illustration for the banner title - I'm happy you like it ^_^

  4. Splendida illustrazione >_< quando potrò permettermeli voglio prenderli anche io i markers è_é!!