Mademoiselle Rose

Louisian and Rose - main characters drawing.

As mentioned in a previous post, I've started working on a new sequential project. I can't say or show you too much apart from character/concept art or sketches though I can give you some few basic information ^_^

The graphic novel is based on a short story written by Estelle Valls de Gomis. We're working on a bunch of new projects with Estelle and that makes me think we should create a professional partnership sooner or later...
Anyway, 'Mademoiselle Rose' is a graphic novel book that will be published in France at the end of 2011. I'm sorry you have to wait for almost a whole year to read it but I have to draw, ink and handcolor a whole book - not just few pages for a group art-book or something - and that will take time, a lot of time ^_^

Some people asked me about an English translation of the book. I suppose the book will sell well, there would be a chance to have it translated into English....who knows!

Giving you few hints about how the comic book will be, I suggest you to visit this site. I love 'The Invention of Hugo Cabaret' and I'm working on something related to it as for layout and approach....more info soon! Stay tuned!


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