Comics, comics!

Let's start with the final cover for Factum! It's just 'WOW!', thank you guys!

And, a couple of sketches for a new project: a graphic novel that will be published in France end of 2011. More detailed info soon!

And, last but not the least, a new online interview for the fashion magazine 'Kismet'!



  1. I'm so excited to hear about your graphic novel! I'll look forward to more news...! :)

    Congrats!! x

  2. I always enjoy your beautiful, delicate lineart. A comic? Ye gods man, I must have it now! I can assume it will be en francais? Going to need to bust out my dictionary and books to brush up in preparation!

  3. Yay! Non vedo l'ora che esca il tuo fumetto per comprarlo al volo! SarĂ  un capolavoro! Sapevo che prima o poi ci saresti riuscita! :D

  4. @ Kate and Melissa. Thank you, girls! I'm so excited too! It's a demanding work, a whole comic book, drawn - inked and hand colored by me - but, so happy anyway ^_^

    @ Enrichan. Diciamo che dopo tante disavventure, finalmente ho trovato delle persone serie e un progetto concreto su cui lavorare...ogni riferimento a fatti e persone non e' casuale! ^_______^



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