Books: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is the traditional fairy tale I love the most! And obviously I have an illustrated book about this beautiful tale. Being a very popular story and also adapted for screen, stage, prose, and television over the years, there're many illustrated books you can find on bookstores. Amongst many, my favorite is the one re-written by Max Eilenberg and illustrated by the talented Angela Barrett. Unlike the original, the story is set in 19th century. Illustrations are simply marvelous, I love them! I can't recommend this book enough!


  1. omg the illustrations are so beautiful *_* totally my taste!

  2. Awsome! I love your ilustrations, and I like to draw... If you have time, can you see my blog? Kisses

  3. amazing! I will add it to the list for when my baby girl is a bit older. Or for me...

  4. I love that story too!
    Great illustrations, thanks for sharing. I might have to scavenge myself a copy:)

  5. oh my... this is my favourite tale also!! Growing up, the Disney animated version of it was my absolute favourite. Can't say I've read too many of the literature adaptions, but I most definitely be picking up a copy of this. Seeing as I also LOVE 19th century themes, I don't need much convincing to buy this. :D <3

    ALSO. I had asked you once over on Facebook where you get your Victorian fashion inspiration from and you pointed me in the direction of two hardcover fashion books... and I just purchased them finally! I'm so excited :D Thanks again for the recommendation. :)

  6. I totally have to get this book! I could stare at those illustrations for ages *_*