Western Movies Love and a new Cover!

I love Western movies. The discovery and exploration of the new frontier, adventures! I'm basically a fan of the so-called Italian 'Spaghetti Western' sub-genre, and of course I've seen 'The Dollars Trilogy' movies a lot of times! So, when I have been asked to draw a magazine cover based on popular fictional genres like sci-fi, fantasy , etc, etc, I of course thought I finally could do something Western related!
I sketched two different covers, you can see below the first drawings I did:


The first sketch was the one selected for the cover. I like this one, especially because I could draw horses! When I was a little girl, drawing horses as one of the things I loved the most. I remember when I was at Elementary School I spent almost a year drawing just horses all the day ^___^
And the final, inked and colored illustration! I hope you'll like it, I will post soon info about the magazine and the final cover design image.


And...this has nothing to do with what I wrote above, but I'm selling one of my BJD at auction on Ebay. If interested, click on the picture below. Thank you!


  1. It looks wonderful. Have you seen "True Grit"? I very much recommend.

  2. lovely Im horse and western mad, just in from feeding my horses, I have a company and saw your fairies work for christina may can you mail me at ian.brealey@shirleypricearomatherapy.com? I cant seem to work your email, im working for an italian lavender farm to make products from their lavender www.puresoap.eu