Self-promotion again...

Huge update of my Etsy shop and I'm now selling high-quality prints, posters, canvas prints, etc, etc on ArtFlakes too! ArtFlakes is placed in Germany and that means if you live in Europe shipping costs aren't too much high to have a print of mine!

Btw, I've started making handmade paper boxes again! Here a preview of the new ones!


  1. I'm really glad that you are selling canvas prints and posters! The shipping price for Canada is too expensive for me thought, I wish I lived in Europe sometimes.

    Will prints of The Canary Prince and Song of Wind and Water be available on Etsy?

  2. Hi Marilie!

    The Etsy products are all homemade and that means I can't print posters or canvas prints. I can offer just A4 or A5 size prints but the quality of them is pretty good. If that's fine for you I can print both the illustrations you asked for.

    I will probably re-open my deviantart print account so people in US and Canada could buy prints without spending too much for shipping... ^_^
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi! Your art are amazing!!! I have a book about fairies where appears your work and other artists too. I want to say you yours are ones I love it and now, when I visited your blog I've known for your style.
    Thanks for your art are inspiring and the colors you use are cute. I wouldnt change anything about your works