Imperial Blue

I have a passion to travel and I've always been fascinated by Middle East and Far East countries, I have traveled to a number of Asian countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Japan, China, India, Uzbekistan, etc, etc. Those travels have always inspired my illustrations, from the stunning vistas and landscapes to the spectacular buildings and art products I could see.

Me in Beijing - China.

Despite that, it has been a while since the last time I've done an illustration having strong Asian references like the first image I did in 2008 for Enchanted Dolls.

After almost two years I've finally found the time to draw another illustration that reminds me of the Asian fairytales I loved to read when I was a young girl.
Imperial Blue. Markers and colored pencils.

I hope you'll like it! Honestly, it has taken me a lot to finish this image...I have not so much time for personal work, recently...


  1. very, very beautiful - all the little details make this an exquisite work, not to mention your amazing eye for colours that compliment each other xxx

  2. very good work ! You are so lucky to travel all these countries ! ^_^

  3. Thank you! Happy you liked it.
    Yep, I'm a wanderer!