Le Cabaret Vert - cover illustration

My latest cover illustration for 'Le Cabaret Vert', a collection of short stories written by my good friend Estelle Valls de Gomis. The collection will be out soon in France from Lokomodo Editions.
Estelle's beautiful stories are about vampires and decadent dandies and ancient ages, written in a style that suggests the atmosphere of the books by the great writers from the XIX century. Very inspiring!
As usual, some sketches and wip of the final cover illustration!

Wip of the final image. After my journey in Central Asia i have this obsession for blue and turquoise and floral decorations...you see ^_^

The approved basic sketch.

The first sketch I did.


  1. What do you do with all your discarded initial sketches? They are beautiful compositions and drawings in themselves.

    Congratulations on a cover illustration, and it is a beautiful piece!

  2. They're all in my folder for unused drawings ^_^

  3. I love the contrast of the blue and the yellow! I really liked the first sketche, the background reminded me of some sort of secret garden.

    It's a beautiful cover, if I saw a book with a cover like that in a library, I would definitely buy it^^

    Are the stories written in French?

  4. Seeing the progression is fascinating! I love how both characters becoming more entranced and almost possessed in the final redition.

  5. L'atmosfera è gotica e "magica" allo stesso tempo,grazie a questa meravigliosa tonalità di blu che hai realizzato,infatti cattura lo sguardo e rende la scena come sospesa nel tempo :)
    Anche lo sfondo è d'impatto con questo cielo crepuscolare che sovrasta il paesaggio brullo.

    Spero che questa collana di libri giunga anche qui in Italia,essendo un tema quello dei vampiri abbastanza in voga.

    Congratulazioni allora per questa pubblicazione^_^

  6. @ Marilie.
    Thank you very much for your nice comment and yes, I adore drawing gardens and woods ^_^ The stories are in French, but I hope the book will get so much success to be translated into other languages. At least I wish it would for my friend Estelle, who wrote it ^_^