Happy Handmade Christmas, all!

Good morning! I think this photo says a lot about what I'm doing in these days ^_^ I love crafting and making handmade Christmas decorations/tags/cards etc, etc
Unfortunately, I'm always late with anything - too many ideas, so few time, my recurring problem! - and like all the past years, I spend the Christmas eve working more in a day than the in the whole December month!

Anyway, I started the day by making myself a special Christmas gift and I bought online this super-cute Jun-Planning doll - Dal series:

Isn't she simply adorable? She reminds me of Gretel from the popular tale by Brothers Grimm! Just a little bit more 'Gothic Lolita' looking alike! I'm a fan of little Pullips - I don't like too much the bigger ones, but the small dolls are so cute!...I'm afraid my new obsession will be the Dal dolls, now!

Ok, while wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, I'm posting this small acrylic on canvas I painted yesterday.

Wips posted to Flickr.
Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Wow, Gretel'S eyes are really pretty... Did you take the picture or is it the one from the store?

    (Merry Christmas and happy crafting!)

  2. Spero tu riesca a far fronte a tutte le tue idee a dispetto del tempo!!! :)
    Bella la dolls,è dolcissima rispetto ad altre che francamente trovo inquietanti.

    Complimenti per il dipinto sei a tuo agio con ogni tecnica!
    Ne approfitto per augurarti Buone feste!!!:)

  3. @ Uriel. Anche mia mamma sostiene che molte BJD siano inquietanti: per dirla tutta, lei trova inquietanti il 90% di quelle che possiedo ^_^ In realta', io credo che il loro fascino stia proprio in questo: non sono decisamente delle Barbies!
    Buone feste anche a te!

    @ Yanbo. The picture is from the Manufacturer's store.I bought mine on Ebay and since the seller lives in Japan I think I should wait a little bit to receive mine.
    Can't wait!
    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. Effettivamente evito accuratamente sin da bambina, :) una tipologia di bambole in particolare.
    Hai presente quelle di porcellana vecchio stile? trovo siano molto inquietanti,rispetto ad alcune più recenti che hanno una figura completamente diversa,per fortuna!!! :)

  5. The Dal is beautiful...! I have always been a fan of the Dal dolls... her face is just so sweet. That outfit is wonderful... I hope you receive her soon!

    Love your little acrylic painting too <3 I hope you had a wonderful christmas! xxx