Song of Wind and Water

Another illustration based on one of my never-ending, mad, personal art projects. The first after my last journey and before in few days I start working on a lot of new commissioned images - November and December will be two very exciting months!

A little bit about this image. First off, the killer whales are not jumping out of water, they're flying in some way and you know, I like drawing this kind of surreal, absurd illustrations sometimes! Anyway, it's a sort of fairytale image, and I love drawing whales, you know ^_____^ so I messed up a little bit, at last! The ornamental design on the girl dress is based on some very beautiful decorations I could admire during my stay in Uzbekistan. This journey was very inspirational and a mine of ideas for new decorative elements to use in my next drawings!

And, a new online interview is available on the beautiful WalkingBlind Magazine! Go read it!


  1. beautiful drawing and colors ! *o*

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Nati

  3. Oh, I love this... Full of energy, yet so delicate and fragile... Very beautiful!

  4. It seems to me you'd like the animation Treasure Planet... where they have floating space-sea animals while they're on a ship :D
    Love this! <3

  5. Sapevo che avresti trovato ispirazione nel tuo viaggio in Asia! Che belle le trecce ed anche il motivo sull'abito!
    Il nero delle orche ti e' venuto davvero bene: profondo, intenso e tridimensionale. :)

  6. Oh nati I agree, I adore the subtle pattern of her dress, and the style as well.... just beautifull!!!

  7. ah yeah : i thought the whales were flying :)
    it's beautiful, i like the angle, the fact that the girl is on top of a rock, aerial... and her dress is perfect !