TataGala Exhibition.

Back from my last journey, I have news about another art exhibition. The below illustration was done before my leaving for a contest at TataGala.org, an event supporting the Breast Cancer Research.
Among almost 1000 entries, my illustration is one of the pieces that have been accepted to be in the Sarasota Exhibit, the show will start November 12th at Sarasota, Florida. Here you can find more info on the show.
The piece will be also available for purchase and a portion of the payment will be donated to charity.

And, as usual, I'm posting some WIP of the image.


  1. Can't wait to hear about your travels, and Congratulations on getting in to the show, I am sure you are thrilled :-D

    You deserve it!

  2. hello :)
    I couldn't find a way to note you (I'm new to blogspot) but I really really like your buttons that are right below your art banner on the right side of your page.. I've been searching high and low to find a sort of widget they're a part of and came up with nothing, haha.. so I give up. Would you mind telling me please how it is you have those? Are they something you made and linked yourself or is it a blogspot widget you can direct me to? Thank you so much <3 !

  3. Bentornata! Dev'essere stato un viaggio interessantissimo...
    E al ritorno...che bella soddisfazione essere selezionata per la mostra!
    Sono andata a curiosare nel su Tata.org, ma non sono riuscita ancora a trovare la lista dei partecipanti e le immagini delle opere in esposizione...magari riprovo tra qualche giorno...;)

  4. @ Monika. I took thousand of photos, I have no idea when finding the time to arrange all of them and post something online!

    @ April. I made those little images/buttons by myself so you will not find them as blogspot stuff/widgets. But, if you like them, feel free to download the buttons from my blog and use them!

    @ Astera. Il sito tatagala sara' aggiornato a giorni credo, anche con le foto della mostra!