Red Penny Papers Cover

In the past few days I worked on several commissioned images, one of these was for Red Penny Papers an online literary magazine. I had been requested to illustrate one of the stories that will be out end of October and written by the talented Camille Alexa.
It's a fantasy novella, with a Victorian almost steampunk aesthetic. Below are some of the sketches I did, I like trying different approaches to the same subject: when I have to work on a commission I usually do at least 3 or 4 different versions of the same theme. I want clients have the opportunity to pick up the illustration they prefer among different ones. And, I love sketching and doodling ^___^ While, it always takes me too much to ink and color the final drawing!

Let's start with the selected image. It's Roger, one of the characters of the story. The scene is set in a forest, I could pick up the scene I liked more between 4 situations taken from the novella. I drew different images of this scene, one portraiting also Augustine, another character from the story, and one with a carriage. Before you ask, the dogs look so big because in this tale the are greyhoundish in shape & proportion, but the height of horses or large deer.

The sketch of the final image.

Sketch of Augustine.

Inks and basic colors for the above drawing.

A of the many I drew!

This is an attempt to draw an action scene portraiting Augustine and deWinter during the Fire sequence.

In summary, as you probably know, I'm leaving soon for a journey in Central Asia, and my Etsy shop is on vacation until the 14 of November. It will be open again once I come back Italy. In the next days I can't also reply your comments or publish them. Sorry, it's a temporary thing!


  1. Mi piace moltissimo il risultato finale, ma la cosa che mi incanta di più sono gli sfondi, usi i pennarelli in modo divino, nati. Complimenti sinceri :)

  2. Congratulazioni per la pubblicazione e per i disegni come sempre bellissimi (nello sketch dell'illustrazione finale Roger ha un'espressione fantastica).
    Spero ti diverta in Asia Centrale.
    Buon viaggio e a risentirci a Novembre! :)

  3. I was so interested in this magazine that I contacted them and have been offered a chance to illustrate their March issue. I'd love to know if you enjoyed working with them and if you feel the commission price was worth the time. Do you expect a lot of people discovering your work thanks to the cover?

  4. Even with such a strong anime influence in your work, I think you've really nailed the stylization!

    Good job!

  5. Roger is just like Riese: