Books: Spider Moon. And new art....

I'll like to start this new blog post by promoting the work by two fellow artists I admire a lot! My more recent comic book purchase was 'Spider Moon' first season by Kate Brown. I love Kate's style, the clean and curved lines of her images are so decorative! I'm attracted by anything is highly stylized, decorative and beautiful! When I look at Kate's illustrations I realize how mine is messy and chaotic!

Two pages from the comic. You can buy a copy of Spider Moon on Amazon!

And...the latest original faery illustration I bought on Etsy! This lovely image has been created by the talented Sara Butcher! She has such a soft touch and a delicate hand: her watercolors are truly stunning and inspirational!
'Amethyst', pencils on paper. Framed by me, hang on the wall of my bedroom!

And...after such beautiful images, my usual rubbish! Ok, as you probably know, I'm working on a lot of new projects/commissions in these days. Here a new image, based on a illustration I started working on a couple of years ago. I thought to use it for my Precious Things artbook published in 2009, but I lately changed my mind and I didn't finish it. You can't imagine how many incomplete images I could create in the past years ^______^

The illustration below is the first I did in 2008.

And what I'm doing now. I used the same girl's sitting, but different colors and added a background too. I would like to use this one - once it will be completed - for a contest/show. Wish me good luck for the selection!


  1. Thanks for presenting us such talented artists! And your work is not rubbish, it's pure dream! Thanks!

  2. You need to speak more positively about yourself nati, it makes people who look up to you and admire your style feel bad... if you thnk YOUR amazing work is rubbish, what would you think of the rest of us!!!! :-P
    We are all our own worst and harshest critics, but you should always be proud, you are a hard worker!!!

    Love the new illustration by the way, can't wait to see the magic you work on it!!

  3. Monika, I think almost anybody in the world is better than me, especially if he/she has an artistic background ^_^ I can't never be too much critic about other people work...apart from illustrations that are copied from someone else's work: I hate plagiarism!
    Anyway I know, deeply in my heart, that I could drawing better than what I'm doing now that the reason I often think my illustrations are not good enough. Honestly I'm very ambitious concerning my drawing capabilities!

  4. Very interesting to see how you work!

  5. Ma che belle queste proposte! Quanto mi piacciono le graphic novels! La quantita' di lavori meravigliosi in circolazione (e la mia ignoranza prodigiosa in merito) e'incredibile. Grazie del lavoro di divulgazione... ;)
    Bellissimo anche il nuovo progetto! :)

  6. ...Nati, you are so amazing! Your art is spectacular and inspired, admired by people around the globe and yet you feel the struggle to improve and maintain a humble and critic attitude towards your work.

    This is why your art is in constant evolution and you keep surprising us with great new achievements. Despite the plagiarism attemps, your hand is always recognizable in the "original" pieces and you will always be ahead of the "unfair competition". ;)

    PS: I find that the "self-deprecating" attitude is a bit of an italian trait. Here in the US, I have often beeing told I should be more positive about what I do and advertize myself better. My mom, instead, always told me "chi si loda si imbroda" (selfpraise is no recommendation)! ;)

  7. @ Astera...errr, should I write back in Italian or English? ^_-
    Anyway, I'm from Marche region and we say: " Chi si loda si sbroda"! You see, it's almost similar to your version of this saying! I agree with you, Italians are very much critical of themselves and I'm not an exception! I'm a very positive person, but an hopeless perfectionist at the same time. I'm always looking for something better, perfect and flawless and this is probably the reason I think my work is not good enough yet!

    Thank you for your nice comment and support!

  8. O_O Oh my gosh! I don't deserve such kind words, Nati!! But thank you so much... I'm really overwhelmed! *hugs*

  9. Kate, you deserve it! And I'm promoting you anywhere ^___^

  10. Nati, I've tried to cantact you through ElfWood, but I'm messaging you here in case. My name is Rebecca Chapman, and I want to do a short interview with you (online, of course) for an Advanced 2-D Art Project. If you have the time, please e-mail me, and I'll e-mail you the questions. Thank you so much for your time. ^^

  11. Hello Rebecca!

    Thank you for your request and I apologize I couldn't contact you, I'm leaving in a couple of days for a journey in Central Asia and I'm very, very busy! But I promise I email you as soon as I come back Italy!
    Thank you again!

  12. Wow, thanks a lot, Nati. ^^
    I forgot to leave my e-mail, it's ^^ Thank you, thank you, thank you!