A journal entry posted to my deviantart page that I'm re-posting here.

Some deviants asked me for a tutorial, I think a writing about this matter might be helpful for anybody who follows me on deviantart.

Accept it, I've never made/written any tutorials ^_^ Reasons are the following:

1. I'm too lazy.
2. English is not my mother-tongue. Good tutorials are not just a list of photos/images. Images should be connected to a series of instructions. And instructions should lead the reader through the key features of a technique. Obviously they should be written in a good English. I can't organize nothing like that and I don't feel like doing it!
3. There's not any secret in what I do. Unlike me, many of you are art-students or you took art lessons in the past. Honestly, you should teach me how to draw! You just need to spend a little bit of time observing my illustrations to understand 'the secrets'of my technique. Some deviants have copied my style so carefully that I think you can achieve the same goal without any specific tutorials from my part. Of course, I strongly talk you out of merely copying someone else's way of drawing/coloring! It's stupid and fruitless!

Lately, I post almost regularly sketches and drawings to my facebook page and my flickr gallery. Keep a look there for sneak peeks of new illustrations and WIP


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