New art!

Sneak peek at what I'm doing in these days...

And below one of the latest art trades I made recently! This one is for the lovely Monika at The Long Lost Woods. Btw Monika, have I ever told you that I love your blog name? ^_^ She asked for a girl dressed in shreds of lace and silk in a forest, with ruins and some gothic buildings ...well, honestly her description was very accurate and the idea inspirational! That said, I think my final illustration is a complete flop! Anyway, here it is...and I also posted a little wip of the image ^_^

My next art-trade will be with the wonderful Kali. Then...I need a little rest from art-trades...maybe in just few months I'll start taking them again. Stay tuned for more info!

WIP of  'The Labyrinth'

And the final image!


  1. Beautiful Illustrations!!!
    Love your blog,
    greetings from Hamburg,

  2. Can't wait until we'll be able so see some more of them... The two right-most pieces looks wonderful!

  3. Oh I'm just loving the girl in red - I can't wait to see the finished piece!

  4. Adoro il rosso quindi non posso che preferire la ragazza che indossa l'abito ogni caso, tutti i tuoi disegni sono favolosi!
    Volevo solo chiderti cosa è successo al blog "The cloud Maiden" sono due giorni che vorrei dargli una sbirciatina, ma sembra che il blog non esista più...che succede???

  5. Oh Nati they are looking SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I am loving the mossy colours in the centre piece.... oh it has such a beautiful feel of fantasy and grandeur.... so special!!!

  6. I like the atmosphere of the second drawing a lot! Your illustrations for the cloud maiden always remind me a bit of the atmosphere in Stephen Hunt's books. I love the girl in the red dress!

  7. @ All. THANK YOU! I completed the 'Girl in Red' illustration and it's now online both on my website and deviantart.

    @ Sonia. Hai ragione, il blog non si trova perche'...l'ho cancellato! Ma ho trasferito tutto il materiale postato in precedenza qui, per ritrovare i vecchi post basta cliccare sul tag 'Cloud Maiden'. Come sempre mi faccio prendere dall'entusiasmo nel creare le cose ma gestire due blog e' davvero troppo ^_^

    @ Marilie. Thank you. Umm, I don't know the work by Stephen Hunt, I should make some google search now....^_^

  8. Tutto bellissimo, ma per ora mi concentro sull' art trade con Monika (che ho conosciuto nell' Enchanted forum). Hai proprio colto lo spirito del suo blog e dei suoi gusti. Brava!
    Mayple you lucky girl!!! ;)