More 'The Cloud Maiden' stuff!

I recently completed a couple of new illustrations based on The Cloud Maiden, my comic book personal project. I posted online 'Machines' few days ago, so you probably already know about it. Anyway, it's now available as giclee print on my Etsy shop, just in case you would like to have a copy of it ^_-

You can also see a couple of WIP for this image posted to my Flickr gallery. And, below my latest finished illustration: Fireflies!

I remember of having made an illustration with the same title a lot of time ago! I don't have a great imagination for titles ^_^ But, I have a passion for girls having extrasensory perceptions or ESP, if you prefer. I can't say more about characters and story yet - sooner or later I MUST traslate into English all the writings/plots/anything I did about this project! - but well...I think the illustration speaks for itself ^_^
And, a WIP photo, of course!


  1. are you ever going to do an art book? or do you have one htat I dont know of ?

  2. Hi!
    An art-book of mine has been published in 2009 as limited edition. Now, I'm drawing a new series of illustrations for a new book plus this comic book project. Both are personal projects, so I work on them during my spare time and I probably will self-publish the final books.

  3. Nati, these new works are incredible... I am loving the "setting" of these too... Victorian and Steampunk at the same time, I'm just DYING to know the story!!!

    You know.... these images would work SO SO SO beautifully as an illustrated book. (Not even for children, just as an artistic illustrated novel.... I'm just completely entranced!!!

  4. Thank you Monika! Honestly, the story is not SO much steampunk as these illustrations might suggest and it's set in a sort of alternative world which has strong references to early 19th century European history. I simply felt like drawing gears and machines and robots instead of the usual woods ^_^