'I love you!' Post no. 01

As anticipated few days ago, I will start with a new series of entries for 'Angels and Insects'. I mean the 'I love you!' blogs list!
I will link back and write a special entry - like this one - on all the blogs which are featuring my work or did that in the past. Don't be shy and contact me if you posted an entry on my art. I would be happier to added you to my special 'I love you!' list!

So, let's start with these lovely girls and their blogs!
1. Missantrhopics and her post » l i n k
2. Monika and her post » l i n k

As said many times, without all the people who promoted and supported me since the past few years now, I would have never been the illustrator I am so...that's my way to thank you! I apologize I can't do something better but...give me the time and I find a way to thank all my fans in the best way ^_-