Visual List of what to do!

Maybe, making a visual list of all the things I have to do in the next week will help me to work better ^_^

1. Complete all the commissions, art trades, projects, etc, etc

2. Work more on the handmade merchandise for my online shop!

3. Complete the polymer clay dolls I've started making some weeks ago.

4. Making an oil painting for the amazing Ung Drill frame I bought at Ikea!

Hmmm, I feel tired before starting.... ^_^


  1. The frame you bought at IKEA looks so beautiful *_*

  2. I´m sure you will do everything great.
    By the way, I cannot wait to see your polymer clay dolls, they are going to be awesome!

  3. What a great idea... a visual list of things to do... there is no hiding from responsibilities then ^_^

    I've been busy busy with a similar list, they never end, do they?
    Which technically.... is good :-) Means you're about to have a very busy and creative period :-)

  4. Bella cornice...e l'hai trovata all' IKEA?!!! Fantastico.

    La foto con gli schizzi nella penombra e' un teaser formidabile...mi sforzo di vedere i dettagli tra luce ed oscurita' invano...orsu', al lavoro...che son divorata dalla curiosita' (ok, scherzo! fai le cose con calma e al tuo sopravvivero'! ;))

  5. Quella cornice è strepitosaaaaaaa (anche se temo grande come il mio salotto sig...) non vedo l'ora di vedere il risultato finito.
    Dai precedenza a quello ti pregooooo :P
    va beh smetto di dire fesserie.
    Buon lavoro ♥

  6. @ Vera, Astera-T.
    Incredibile ma vero, l'Ikea ci riserva anche questi piccoli gioiellini ^^ In realta' essendo un'Ikea dipendente, qualsiasi cosa riescano a inventarsi per me e' fantastica! Non so quando avro' tempo per l'olio pero'...per come vanno le cose negli ultimi tempi, ci vorra' un bel po' prima di metter mano ai pennelli!

    @Monika. I think that having a visual list of what you MUST do in the next days might be helpful...the only problem is if you can't do what you have planned, you feel worst than if you didn't do any list ^^

    @Cindora. Thank you ^^

    @Ana. I really would like to complete those dolls shortly but I think I have to put the making of them off to some ...weeks?