If you think I only use markers...

to create my images, well you're wrong! ^_^
Ok, you're right, I basically post illustrations done and coloured in markers and this is because I feel quite self-confident about this technique. I don't need to make color tests for example. I just ink and color, and unconsciously I know exactly what to do when I have a marker in my hand!
That doesn't mean I don't like trying new techniques and new ways to create an illustration. I started with soft - chalk - pastels almost two years ago and I should say that this technique has helped me a lot to improve my coloring method. Colors easily fade into one another and I like coloring and gradating shades with my fingers! You get dirty as a child finally...great! 

When trying new techniques I usually chose very 'boring' subjects for my paintings. I mean, landscapes, still life, objects...but the main aim is getting master of the technique and learn tips not doing amazing pieces of art. Cool subjects will be the next step!

I understand that this entry might sound non-essential for people who attended art schools. I'm sorry, as a self-taught illustrator, I admit that I have to learn a lot yet, even the basics. This entry is basically for people who asked me how I get new inspiration for improving my markers technique...well, the answer is quite banal: trying always new things!
Ok, let's start with the images!

Soft - chalk - pastels.
Robin. Late 2008

Sea and sunset. Late 2008

Fruits. 2010

Watercolor painting has the reputation of being quite demanding. Well, it's true! I like the 'transparent' quality a watercolor painting might have... even thought watercolor techniques are many and differ each other.

Iris. 2010

Cups. 2010

Vegetable. 2010

That's all for now. Next entry will be about...oil paintings! Stay tuned!


  1. You should sell them as a postcard...

  2. Having gone to art school I think what you're doing is actually great! We were constantly told to keep trying new things and nothing makes me happier then to see someone I admire doing just that!

    Your talent seems to shine no matter what media you use^^

  3. A fantastic post to read by you, nati. I'm glad you shared this with us :-) The "sea and sunset" piece definitely has your style coming through, it's just missing a beautiful girl or boy ^_^

    I've always meant to ask, are your markers lightfast? I know a lot of markers fade after a few years because they're not archival quality. I remember you've said you use highly expensive markers, but even in other mediums (such as watercolour) an artist might notice a change after a few years. What's been your experience with them since you've been working for so long??

  4. I especially love the sea and sunset and the fruit pictures. These are so lovely! It's always nice to see how an artist experiments and practices.

  5. Ma sono meravigliosi!
    Ho poca esperienza con i pastelli e meno ancora con gli acquarelli, che trovo molto difficili...mai provato i colori ad olio...ma tu sei davvero brava! Quella natura morta con frutta e' spettacolare.
    E' molto interessante vedere come la tua arte stia evolvendo e maturando...nuove scoperte rinnovano l'ispirazione! ;)

  6. wow nati ! i love the iris ^^
    it feels strange to use different techniques, last month i did 3 frescoes/wallpainting at a friend's house, and last week my first acrylics on canvas, i'm amazed at how different it is from drawing.
    you're super-talented in all the media you use, you're a great artist nati :)))