If you think I only use markers...part two!!!

Ok, after pastels and watercolors it's time to post some oil doodles! [Read the part one]
I like oil painting, a lot! It's about one year I started with oils but since I have not enough time to practice other techniques apart from markers and ink, I only painted no more than 8 pieces so far!
Unlike watercolours, you are allowed to modify practically anything, like in Photoshop ^_^ Paints can be scraped off from a canvas, for example.You can paint over previous layers and nothing is irreversible. The only problem is an oil painting takes a lot of time to dry...but if you work on more than a pieces, well, the problem is solved ^_^ While you are waiting for a painting to dry, you can complete the other one, and so on!

What I posted here are my latest paintings where I tried to be a little bit more 'nati' instead of doing just an academic exercise. But I will post my still-life and landscape paintings as soon as possible! Needless to say, I'm just an amateur of oils technique so...of course these are not masterpieces ^_^

Summertime. 2010. Oil on canvas.

The Woods Prisoner. 2010. Oil on canvas.

Two very small oils on wood. They're just 11x7,5 cm.


  1. Lovely, especially like Summertime.

  2. I read both of your entries- the one about the pastels and watercolors, and this. I agree with watercolors- they are really demanding, but I feel the are a great material to creat really good artpieces. I still fail in using it, but on the other hand, I don't have that much time to practice. You really do great job.
    Are you really a self-taught artist? I must say this surprised me a lot.

  3. I like the last one, the heads ^^ ! They look like puppet ^^

  4. I love The Woods Prisoner! Great work!

  5. Di nuovo...bellissimi! Summertime mi piace un sacco. Se questo e' lo stadio amatoriale...ci possiamo aspettare davvero grandi cose! :)

  6. Beautiful work nati, so nice to see the work you're creating - and absolutely amazing to see you've maintained keeping your same style and colouring with such a vastly different media as oils - congrats, they're beautiful!!!

  7. Those are fabulous. Summertime is my fave.

  8. Greatly admire your work! And as a self-taught beginner artist myself, you're an inspiration and I'm learning a lot from your illustrations.

    May I suggest you also try out acrylic for paintings. There is a special type of acrylic paint (Brand: Atelier) which is "rewettable" hence re-workable fairly easily. You could paint over (alter) any area you want. And you could also thin out the acrylic paint to achieve watercolor effect. Most of all acrylic is fast drying than oil, if drying time is one of your concern.

    Hope you don't mind me making such suggestion to you who are a well established and experience artist. This is all based on "sharing" among fellow creatives. :D

    Below is the link of Atelier Acrylic Paint


  9. Excellent post with beautiful canvas arts..,I really like your post.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful arts blog,
    Your photo on canvas

  10. "These are not masterpieces." You're a liar!!