Blogs, Etsy shop and more!

Hello there! Let's start with a lovely feature on on 'Would you like some tea?' blog, kept by Noey. A question for anybody of you who follow 'Angels and Insects': did you feature my art/website over on your blog in the past or do you think to do that in a next future? Don't be shy and tell me about that! It will be nice to link back and promote your blog here or on my Facebook page.

And, a small update of my Etsy shop! Archival Giclee print of 'Come wander with Me' are now available plus a small original ACEO card! I'm not used to do a lot of 'tiny' art, maybe I should? For buyers prices might be more affordable than larger illustrations....

I also have lot of very exciting news...but I tell you more in the next days ^_- Stay tuned!


  1. That's lovely! Can't wait to hear about the news!!

  2. Don't tease us!! I want to know what your exciting news is!!!

    Whenever I buy an original artwork from someone, I like to write about them on my blog, so people can see their beautiful work. When I bought my first 'original' Nati artwork I wrote this blogpost:

    I haven't had a chance to write one about the latest originals yet :-O So lazy of me, I'm sorry!!

  3. One of these days I may do a big feature linking to the sites and blogs of the other artists I respect and admire on my art blog. If I do I'll be including you^^ You're just too amazing not to!

    I like the idea of 'tiny' art, you could probably do very well with card sized pieces^^

  4. I posted about your awesomeness a little while back.

    I'd become obsessed with Marina Bychkova's enchanted dolls and one day she blogged about you; now I'm a little obsessed with you too!

  5. Thank you all!
    Firstly, if I can't say anything about the next projects is because I don't want to jinx them! In 2009 so many projects came to a sticky end and I'm still cursing their respective authors .... you know, I'm an evil witch ^^

    @Monika, Missantrhopics.
    Thank you! I will post soon a special entry about features on blogs with links back to your articles/journals!

  6. Hurray for the tiny art!
    come ti dicevo altrove, e' una bellissima idea.;)