Victorian sketches!

Next one will be the week devoted to commissions, art trades and illustrations for contests! I have so much to do, so many ideas and it seems this one is the warmest Summer in Italy ever! Argh...anyway, even if tired and it doesn't help that I have low blood pressure all the time  I don't give up ^_^
Ok, here a couple of sketches I did for a commissioned piece about two Victorian sisters.

Few days ago I received by mail my new *artistic* business cards! Do you like it? I like!

Soon, with a lot of new sketches, illustrations and news!!!


  1. That's a sweet card, for sure!

    I'm so apprehensive about putting artwork on a business card, most of my drawings don't have any real "staying power." They're good for like a month, and then I haaaate looking at them, hahah.

  2. nati - are those Moo cards???

    I just got my order of little business cards too!! Haha, coincidence!!!!

    I framed your "Adante" artwork and it's hanging on my wall :-) It makes me happy!!!

    My favourite of those two illustrations of the Victorian sisters is the bottom one - if your commissioner wants something else, can I take over the commission and get that one :-P It's SO sweet!!!!

  3. @ Jess
    I think the same about my illustrations! I think some artists can do image so powerful...mine are not! And they are not good for this kind of products! But well....I hade to make those cards, sooner or later ^_^

    Yes, Monika, they are! Aren't thery cute? I'm sure you will happy with your purchase at Moo!

  4. AHHH! Those business cards are amazing :)
    I would very much like one :D
    And your architecture pieces are utterly astounding <3

  5. I am very happy after reading this post.