Art Show, new products, etc, etc

I spent the past week in Basel for Art Basel the most important International art show for modern and contemporary works in Europe, or probably in the world. The art exhibition features about 300 leading galleries from all over the world and I have no idea how many artists! It was my first time in Basel and I truly enjoyed the art show and the city. I could also spend time with some of my best friends who live there. 
I will create soon a special set of photos on my Flickr gallery so stay tuned for more info and pictures!

During my stay in Basel, a couple of turtle-doves made a nest in my apartment's small balcony!!! I was so surprised when I came back in Rome! The birds are sitting on eggs so I can't remove their nest and my balcony is actually 'off-limits' now: in fact I'm afraid if the doves will see me they could leave  the nest and stop hatching their eggs.  I phoned the LIPU - the Italian Organization for Birds Protection - and I asked them what I should do. Obviously I only have to wait for the baby birds's birth and honestly I'm looking forward to seeing them frolicking on the balcony ^_^
And some new products available on my shop! I feel very creative in these days and shortly new original framed art and prints and merchandise will be posted for purchase.


  1. Che meraviglia >_< anche io voglio trovare un nido di tortorine sul mio balcone >_< Se riesci (se non è di disturbo agli uccellini, ovviamente), quando nascono fai qualche fotina, sarebbe bello vederli!^__^

  2. Sounds amazing, nati! How special, that you got to experience that!!

  3. @Enry
    Si', si', voglio proprio fare qualche foto. Il nido e' posizionato in alto, per cui dovro' aspettare che i pulcini siano in grado di uscire. I tipi della LIpu mi hanno detto che a breve li vedro' saltellare in giro sul terrazzino: kawaiii ^_^
    Monika, I've just visited your FB page...have you been in USA? Did you enjoy it? Guess, in Basel I met Marina and Chad!!!