New Cloud Maiden Art and moved all the stuff

A new illustration for the Cloud Maiden project and also a fanart for a contest! If you are curious about that, all the info are on my deviantart page! 
And sorry for always being so unpredictable but I moved all the stuff and  posts about this project here. I deleted the Cloud Maiden blog but not the past entries, your comments and the posted art now imported  to my main blog. I promise no more changes for the next...hmmmm. few weeks? ^_______^


  1. Lovely colours -- I was just about to buy beads in (more or less) exactly those shades when I spotted this post. So you can tell these are colours I'm attracted to.

    Just love your art and your use of colour.

  2. Oh wow nati, this is such a beautiful piece!!!! I love Alma so much, and this is my favourite picture of her so far!!

    Like the look of the blog, change is never bad, it opens you up to new possibilities.

    I like that you are going to keep your art all here in the one place, after all, they are all your creations!!

    Lots of love, --monika

  3. Hi Nati,I love your art.... i can't wait for my print to arrive :)

  4. Thank you all for the nice comments! I did win the contest but I got a daily Deviation on dA for this illustration...and that's not a bad thing ^_^
    Ehehe, and I think I soon change the layout ideas ^_^ But yes, The Cloud Maiden blog was created when I didn't run this blog yet. Now that I moved all the past entries from WP here I think is better to keep all my work/posts/stuff in one place. Love to you too!
    Did you receive the print? I hope you like it!