Boxes for dolls

This is another special collaboration I did with Marina at the beginning of February, some months ago. The illustrations are a sort of follow-up to "Garden of Delights", done in 2008 as design for the Limited Edition Porcelain Dolls boxes created by Marina. The new images will be used for the boxes of Marina's new brand Resin Line dolls.
We worked a lot on these images. The basic idea was to make something Art Nouveau and based on a seasonal theme.
Snow White sketch
This one was the first sketch I did. Firstly, Marina suggested me to take as reference her Show White porcelain doll. At the beginning we though to make a Fairy Tale series of images.
Then, we decided the seasonal theme was closest to the Art Nouveau style and I started drawing new sketches. The models for these sketches were Artificial Intelligence, Elena the Beautiful and Pink Crown. Each one depicts a season - Autumn, Winter, Spring - where my previous 'Garden of Delights' doll will be the Summer. As you can see, I did a lot of sketches before choosing the final ones!

Artificial Intelligence sketches

Elena the Beautiful sketches

Pink Crown sketches

These were the first version of the colored images. I removed the Enchanted Doll logo at the bottom and made it separately. I also re-did Pink Crown since the colors of the first illustration didn't come out well in the print test. Colors and lines must be stronger and well traced.

Marina is actually very busy with the organization of her solo show in Berlin so I don't know where the Resin Line will be available the illustrations for the boxes ^_^


  1. magical, just like those dolls.

  2. They are beautiful. I am a fan of the Art Nouveau style and I love your modern interpretation.

  3. Ciao Nati, grazie a te ho anche scoperto le bellissime creazioni di Marina (tra l'altro ottimo lavoro!) Ti scrivo per chiederti una cosa, c'è in Gran Bretagna qualcosa di tuo pubblicato? Mi sembra di ricordare qualcosa o su cd o su qualche rivista... un'abbraccio

  4. So wonderful Nati! These are truly beautiful pieces! Marina's resin line is very promising and your drawings will make her enchanted dolls even more precious.

    Thanks for sharing the WIP!

  5. I love these drawings, the boxes are goint to be amazing!

  6. Thank you! I'm so glad you all like them! Probably not all the illustrations will be used for the boxes finally but well...I enjoyed drawing them!

    Ma prego! Sono sempre contenta di far pubblicita' a qs meravigliose bambole! Ne ho due e non mi stanco mai di ammirarle, tanto sono belle!
    Allora, in UK dovrebbe uscire a breve una rivista con una mia piccola illustrazione inclusa. In passato sono stati pubblicati dei libri sulle fate dove erano presenti anche dei miei lavori. Ma credo che ormai siano tutti 'sold out'. Per una lista aggiornata di materiale pubblicato, puoi dare un'occhiata qui: