The Winner!

Thank you very much for participating!

There were more than 150 entries in just one day! Woha, you made me completely speechless! Despite the fact you were not requested to write anything special to participate in this contest, some of you left so beautiful comments, what can I say but thank you! If I could, I would paint a special illustration just for any of you, guys! Really, without you I'm nothing!

And now, it's time to announce the winner! I used to draw the winner so I had absolutely no control over who was chosen.

Congratulations to:

Wikit, I will contact you soon through deviantart - since you left that contact info in your comment. Again, congratulations!


  1. Congratulazioni a Wikit ^_____^, da parte mia questo contest è servito a rompere il ghiaccio con te Nati, era da un bel pò che gironzolavo qui (o là nei tuoi vecchi indirizzi net) aspettando l'occasione per dirti tutto il mio apprezzamento pubblico ai tuoi lavori... buona domenica Nati!

  2. Buongiorno!
    Grazie ancora per aver partecipato, ma soprattutto per aver rotto il ghiaccio! Scusami se non ho commentato nel post precedente ma volevo che rimanesse 'pulito' per la competizione ^_^ bene, d'ora in avanti spero di sentirti piu' spesso, allora!

  3. Congratulazioni Wikit...e un po' di sana invidia per la fortuna!

  4. uè! sorellonza!
    concorseggi anche adesso!?
    brava brava,bella iniziativa e, bhè complimenti alla vincitrice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^

  5. Congratulazioni alla vincitrice!*w*

  6. Oh... j'ai loupé le concours :'( ... l'illustration est magnifique...

  7. Congratulations to the winner - it really is an extremely beautiful piece :)

  8. Congrats to the winner - and thanks again to you, Nati, for giving away such a beautiful piece! <3
    I'm absolutely not surprised so many people took part! :D

  9. Congratulations, Wikit! I'm so glad for you. =D Thank you Nati for this opportunity and for thinking of the fans.

  10. Thank you for setting this contest up for us. ♥ And congrats to Wikit! :)

  11. congrats to wikit, what a wonderful gift!
    thank you Nati for giving to your fans, you are so generous!

  12. @ Laura. OMG, sorellonza=letteronza? ^___^

    @ all! Thank you my dears! Really, being supported in this way is just wow! Wo less than amazing I think! You're wonderful, and I'm thinking of new giveaway gifts in the next future....

  13. Congratulation Wikit!
    Nati, it's a pleasure to support such a wonderful (and generous) artist. :)